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We are a people focused, customer committed company that provides fully integrated facility management services to all kind of corporate houses, residential complexes, leisure centers, shopping malls and hospitals etc. Our gamut of services can be broadly divided into

  • Hard Services
  • Soft Services

Hard services mainly include plant operation and maintenance of equipment. Mechbulls plant operation and maintenance program offers a full range of engineering and maintenance services. We provide proven management, state of art systems and superb corporate support to your building. We offer preventive, corrective, predictive and reliability-centered maintenance program that resolves issues before they become a problem and are designed to meet the requirements of all regulatory agencies. We track the life cycle of every piece of equipment from purchase to disposal and ensure that every work order and preventive maintenance cycle is completed. We provide continuing education for trades people and maintenance workers ensuring higher productivity and quality work.

We help you maximize the life and performance of your facility assets by managing your most costly facility management challenges energy, labor , materials and the use of outside labor.

Soft services mainly include housekeeping,gardening & lawn maintenance and other services that facilitate your operations and enhance building appearance. The appearance and cleanliness of your building plays a direct role in the comfort safety and well being of your clients, visitors and staff and ultimately your bottom line. That is why it makes sense to invest in your appearance. Mechbulls environmental services program is built around expert managers who are visible active coaches, developing their team, every day. Expert leadership combined with our proven cleaning systems ensures consistent quality and improved productivity.

Our quality assurance and cyclic cleaning program ensures a polished appearance of your facility all the time. Our innovative program/practices and latest equipments and technology provide our clients unparalleled and cutting edge house keeping solutions. Our onsite experts train and motivate our staff to perform more productively while providing exceptional services.